The flexible Cocktailor system

It's Cocktail Time!


The new Cocktailor machine is an elegant solution that offers you a wide variety of cocktails and juices with the push of a button. With a flexible touchscreen display, intelligent software, space for an ice cube machine and plenty of extra storage space in the base cabinet, you have everything you need to serve delicious, cold cocktails wherever you want.


The highlights at a glance:

  • cocktail components fixed (system fraud-proof)
  • multilingual, flexible touchscreen-display allows direct customer communication (pictures, design, videos...)
  • dispensing time: app. 10 seconds per cocktial
  • independent use with water tank (without main water connection)
  • low service cost and simple handling (automatic cleaning, easy & quick)
  • flexible and simple programming for cocktail concentrates
  • perfect mixing result due to patented MidMix technology and SIV (syrup injection valve)
  • high product margin


*Can also be used with all other JUICI models


Special software for special moments. Our Cocktailor software is designed to offer a perfect cocktail with consistent taste and quality in a few seconds just as if a bartender does it especially for you.



A small selection:

Cucumber Spritz: Gin & fresh cucumber, sparkling water and a hint of citrus.

Gin Tonic: Gin with tonic water, made with lemongrass, lavender and quinine.

Mojito: Rum with zingy lime, mint and sugar.

Moscow Mule: Vodka infused with ginger, lemon peels and lemongrass.


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