Drink Dispenser V-MAX JUICI



Our plastic-free beverage solution meets the multimedia world. The result is a sustainable beverage dispenser with direct communication with your customers.

Sustainability in the first place.

The Fructomat system is based on the combination of water and concentrate and thus enables massive waste savings compared to conventional bottle vending machines! The carton cups (e.g. 300 ml) are stored directly in the vending machine. In order to contribute not only to the reduction of plastic waste but also to the reduction of waste in general, the reuse of the cup or the use of own drinking bottle (e.g. glass, sports bottle etc.) can be rewarded with a cup discount.


- 4 or 6 concentrates + chilled water (CO2 optional)
- Central dispensing through hygienic tempered glass tube
- Perfect mixing result thanks to patented MidMix® technology
- 6 x 10 litre concentrate bag-in-box in the unit (with concentrate empty message)
- Multilingual, flexile touch-screen display with the possibility to show pictures, videos and advertising for direct communication with your customers.
- Preparation for payment systems (MDB - cash + cashless)

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